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the easiest way
for complete automation

Magistro is a system with which an entire home automation system can be managed from your house or remotely in a quick and intuitive way. An avant-garde technology incorporated in Magistro Brain, il, the only concentrator which controls the various modules.

An open solution, as it uses the Z-Wave wireless communication protocol supported by a consortium which ensures absolute interoperability between all the products of the associated companies.

There is not only one good reason to choose Magistro,
there are 7.

Wireless, modular and remotely controlled:
an excellent solution!

A sole concentrator unit controls the various modules
which manage accesses, lights and automations

The Magistro series

Magistro Brain Kit

Magistro Brain Kit

The core of the system: Magistro Brain concentrator and B-Eba board for U-link compatible products.

Magistro Brain Kit

Magistro Light Kit

For managing lighting systems.

Magistro Brain Kit

Magistro Roll Kit

For controlling rolling shutters and shades.

Magistro Brain Kit

Magistro Uni Kit

Universal automation.
Bft non U-Link products and non Bft products.

Magistro Brain Kit

Magistro Batt & Key Kit

Back-up battery and 3G internet key.

Magistro Brain Kit

B eba Z-wave

Board for all U-Link compatible products.

you do not see technology
you see its benefits.

There are many types of technology in the automation field,
choosing the right one is the first step
to take when you are looking for excellence.

The success of each new product is directly proportional to the advantages it offers. And the ones of our interconnectivity system are tangible and visible, as the system is the outcome of choices which have left nothing to chance.

We have decided to use Z-Wave technology to guarantee the utmost integrability and developed the Magistro system to attain absolute scalability. And, considering that this product has been conceived to offer incomparable performance, all that is left to you is to enjoy the benefits.

A unique protocol.

  • It uses a stable and reliable wireless protocol.
  • It is optimized for the transmission of smaller sized data packs.
  • It utilizes 868,4 MHz frequency (EU)
  • It is not affected by interferences in comparison with the Wi-Fi band.
  • There are 30 metres of working range between nodes.
  • Each node acts as a repeater up to 4 times for a total capacity of 150 metres from Magistro Brain.

Scenarios change, but
but comfort does not.

Going to bed while the rolling shutters are going down, waking up while the house is slowing lighting up, leaving for a holiday and closing all accesses, leaving only the driveway light on: simply set your favourite scenario to re-create the ideal setting for each situation.

Falling asleep while the system closes the gate, lowers the shutters, and switches the lights off. Getting up while the rolling blinds gradually go up. Leaving for a holiday after programming the lighting system to switch off and all accesses to close at a certain time. Just touch the control panel to create a scenario, increase wellness and improve your quality of life. And very little is required to expand scenarios further; get the specific devices and you can decide the ideal temperature for each moment during the day, you can monitor energy consumption, set when to switch the TV on and shape a house which is really customized to your lifestyle.


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